Professional Roof Light Installation in the North West and Nationwide

Roof lights are an excellent way of introducing high quality, natural daylight into industrial buildings. At Rascon Ltd, we offer a huge range of roof lighting solutions to provide optimal light transmission, weather resistance, durability and energy efficiency for your commercial or industrial property. Our comprehensive service covers every step from the initial consultation and quotation all the way through to the design and installation process. With over 40 decades in the business, you can count on Rascon to install first-class roof lighting for your retail, commercial or industrial space.

Rascon Industrial Roofing

Quality service guaranteed

Rascon Industrial Roofing
At Rascon Ltd, health and safety is always our top priority. No matter how large or small the job may be, we carry out full risk assessments on every job and always conform to strict protocol to ensure the safety of our personnel. We have even developed and implemented our own quality assurance system, which adheres to the stringent requirements set out by ISO 9001:2007. Ours is a reliable, safe and reputable roof lighting service, with outstanding results guaranteed on every job.

Why choose Rascon Ltd for your roof lighting?

Rascon Industrial Roofing

  • Wide range of profiles to match and complement any roofing material
  • Roof lighting reduces the need for artificial light, cutting down on energy costs and reducing your company’s carbon footprint
  • A variety of performance options, including fire ratings and different thicknesses
  • Comprehensive service and professional installation by skilled operatives
  • Free quotes available – contact our team to find out more

Rascon Industrial Roofing
Rascon Industrial Roofing
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Based in Southport, Merseyside, Rascon Ltd

Based in Southport, Merseyside, Rascon Ltd is the Northwest’s leading commercial and industrial roofing specialists.